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Edith O. Music: The "Tatooed Queen" CD

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My daughter, Erin Ash Sullivan, composes music, plays guitar, and sings, in addition to her "day job" as school teacher and administrator, free-lance author, and mother of two children.  While living in New York in 1997, she and Amy Speace, a singing/composing/guitar playing friend from Amherst College days, formed a band called Edith O. and created a CD of folk/rock songs.  The CD is no longer available, but here are a few selections, lead sung by Erin, backed by Amy.  Of course, Amy sang lead on a number of the other tracks, and Erin backed her.  Other musicians in the recording session were Jim Nordstrom on bass, Mark Pardy on drums and percussion, and Dan Miller on guitar and keyboard.

From the website:

"Named for Edith of Ohio, an 18th Century wild child, Edith O. was fronted by the syncretized songwriting & harmonizing talents of Amy Speace & Erin Sullivan, who had been performing together since they were both students at Amherst College. Born at a dank, lower east side theater benefit, opening for a flame-throwing, foul-mouthed, baton-twirling poetess, Amy & Erin moved quickly to playing NYC clubs like Sine Cafe, Sidewalk, The Bitter End and CB's Gallery and garnered a loyal following. The women went their separate musical ways when Erin moved to LA with her husband and baby. Amy Speace is working on her debut solo release and now plays out with her band under her own name.

A la The Story and the Indigo Girls, Edith O. is jangle and harmony, tunes that stick in your head. Quirky, sophisticated lyrics that toss modern stories of love & loss through Alice's looking glass yet come out as familiar as your first best friend. "

Sample of songs (MP3):

Leave Me Alone

One Man Show


All music and lyrics copyright (C) 1997 LaLaLaRosalie Music, ASCAP