The Indy car got finished!

After 12 years of work on the car - and not so much on these pages - the Indy car got the engine rebuilt, the body was hammered out, wiring was done, and it was assembled.

Painting was the last task.  The body shop got the last two pieces of sheet metal painted on Tuesday, I picked them up Wednesday morning, assembled the car in the afternoon, and put it in the trailer that evening.  We drove to Indianapolis for the International meets of the Antique Studebaker Club and the Studebaker Drivers Club held the first week of September, 2021.  On Sept. 8, we hauled the car to the Indianapolis Speedway Museum.  By prior arrangement - and a small donation - the Museum brought out their maroon #22 car from 1932.  The car had not been outside the Museum for many, many years.  We parked their car and my car in front of the Museum building for photos.  The bright, sunny morning was perfect for some good shots.

Later that day, we parked the car in the Coliseum building at the Marion County Fairgrounds, where I gave a 45 minute talk about building the car, as well as some history of the original cars.

You can see the YouTube video compiled from my slides and a recording of the talk:

For a more-complete history of building the car, see my thread on the AACA Forum under the Speedsters section: