Larz Andersen Museum

Brookline, Mass., Aug. 22, 2004

Orphan Car Meet

The former Larz Andersen estate in Brookline, Massachusetts is the home of the Museum of Transportation.  See  It is just a few miles from the center of Boston.  Exhibits are changed frequently, so it is always interesting to go there.

Larz_grp1.jpg (37544 bytes)

Some of the Studebakers at the show.

packards_AndersenMuseum04.jpg (66750 bytes)

Three Packards in front of the museum building

amphicars.jpg (48937 bytes)

There were three Amphicars, A Messerschmitt, a Mini, and a Mini-moke.  The Amphicars went out for a "swim" in a local pond.  See for more info on these amphibians.

RDalton_32Pres.jpg (69469 bytes)

A 1932 Studebaker President All-Weather roadster owned by Bob Dalton.

Luukko_cnvt.jpg (36037 bytes)

Dennis Luuko's 1950 Champ convertible.

mullin_cnvt2.jpg (55671 bytes)

Wayne Mullin's bullet-nose convertible.


stanley_1909.jpg (62203 bytes)

The museum's 1909 Stanley Steamer.  This car is actually an exact replica of an original car.  Stanleys are quiet and smooth.