Mouse over the picture  and click to operate the car.  Watch your browser status bar (lower left, probably).

If you have Java, you can click on parts of the interior and make sounds. If no Java, sorry!


There are about 15 things to click on here.  Each one plays a sound.  Try the gas pedal, brake, window crank, door handle, horn, key, and even the glove compartment.  The status bar at the bottom of your browser bar will tell you when you are on the hot spot.  You may be able to get several sounds going at once.   Don't forget to play the radio for the best of 1965.  Go ahead, turn the sound up loud!   After you have found all the other stuff, then put the car in gear for your test drive.  If you hit the gear shift too soon, you can always use the BACK button on your browser.

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