From a Studebaker color combination paint chart brochure, revised March, 1954.

Contains combination numbers, color names, enamel paint codes, wheel colors and codes, and stripe colors.

For Tusk Ivory stripes: use "1 Shot" Ivory.

For tan interior color on M5 trucks (dash, headliner, door panels, interior trim, etc.) use DuPont Centari acrylic enamel code C9258A, ALT: 1.  This is the same as 1991-1992 Ford "Light Mocha".  Another match is PPG Delstar acrylic enamel code DAR 23013.

For Ruby Glow Red exterior color on M5, use DuPont Centari enamel code L9083A, CC:T, ALT: 1.  Final pass with clear or slightly-tinted acrylic recommended to prevent fading.

For Forest Green on M5 (code N-0313, same as 7937 VAJ) use DuPont GS380 (GS = green solid).  Available in both Centari acrylic enamel and ChromaBase base coat-clear coat formulations.  This is a very basic fleet color.  Match provided by DuPont.    

Quad Duty heater for M5 was painted in Hammerite Bronze, available at local hardware stores or from Eastwood.

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